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Wrote a blog post about whether you should pay a saas company their monthly fee, or do it yourself because you can.
Woo, so my workshop on Jamstack Conference 2021 got published not too long ago! Here's the video for Practical introduction to relational databases! Have a look, though it is 4 hours. Also, the com...
I held a workshop on Jamstack Conference about Practical introduction to relational databases! It was a 4 hour workshop, and I was super tired by the end of it, but it was super fun! Thank you for ...
Prepping for my workshop at Jamstack conf about postgres / relational databases!
Gave a talk back in November 2020 about why developers are ignoring your designs in a mini-symposium organized by @cassidoo! The video is now up! Have at it!
Published my first Racket! It's about spirit levels and horizontals.
Published a blog post that garnered a lot of attention about what we, as white people, should do when it comes to racism at the very least.
Spoke on the #causeascene podcast with Kim Crayton. We talked about privilege, how I can't do the same things Tim Ferriss or Gary Vaynerchuk can, and reflected on a blog post I wrote earlier. https...
Published a wpsessions episode about the WordPress database talk.
Gave a talk title "Things you didn't know you need to know about databases and WordPress" at Brighton WordCamp
Gave a talk at OneShot Budapest conference about things I learned while contributing to Ghost